What’s a Web Hosting?

What’s a Web Hosting?

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What is web hosting

What’s a Web Hosting?

This is a repeated topic that you can find in many other websites. Web hosting is a web server which can be used for storing your website files and then your website can be browsed on the internet.

There are 2 different platforms for web hosting – Windows and Linux hosting, but there are many different types of web hosting plans, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, eCommerce hosting, VPS, managed hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated server. The cloud hosting is using the newest cloud computing technology and now there are many famous cloud hosts on the internet already.

Of course, some of the web hosting companies offering free web hosting service but these providers force you accept some additional conditions to use their free hosting service, such as you have to add their Ads on your website or you can receive very limited website space and traffic. And you cannot find any support service on the free web hosting.For the paid web hosting service, the web hosting company will hand their server management completely to make sure their clients can receive the best web hosting performance. If a web host cannot offer reliable web hosting service or their price is too high than the other web hosts, I think no one would like to have business with them.

How to choose a best web hosting?

This is also a very old topic and you can find there are many different introductions in different websites, and you can be easily missed in choosing a best web hosting.

What we have to consider before choosing a web hosting? The factor we must think about include website browsing performance, features of their web hosting plan, prices, server reliability, uptime statistics and technical support. All of the factors have to be considered before we choose a best web hosting. And you also need to check one web host before purchasing their web hosting service, once you found the web host is not so good as your imagine, then many troubles could be happened, such as you could find it’s hard to get your money back or hard to do a website migration.

Is there any reliable and affordable web hosting who you can recommend?

If you’ve read more articles on my reviews blog, you can find my article content is always different with the other website, since I had been worked in one web hosting company for many years and I do understand what’s the need of web masters. If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting solutions, then with my experience and independent search on the internet, there are 3 of the best web hosts who’re worth for me to highly recommended to you – Arvixe, InMotion and HostGator. If you’ve searched separate reviews about the 3 famous web hosting companies, you could find they’re having few negative reviews about their service on the internet, you can feel no worry to host your websites with those guys.

And for more information about the best web hosting of this year, you can visit my top 10 web hosting list to check more information.


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