Webhost4life Reviews 2015, You must check this article before opening a new...

Webhost4life Reviews 2015, You must check this article before opening a new hosting account with them

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Webhost4life Reviews

Who’s Webhost4life?

I didn’t write things about Webhost4life for a long time. If you’re an old Webhost4life client, I think you’ll be very interest in what are the old Webhost4life team members doing at the moment. Now I’d like to write a review to introduce the old Webhost4life and new Webhost4life. If you’re interested in this topic, welcome to follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

Webhost4life had been a top web hosting company before they sold out to EIG hosting. Honestly speaking, the old Webhost4life can be one of the best web hosting company in the industry, especially their professional and fastest customer support service.

You may find my domain name is Webhost4lifereview.com and when I first setup the web hosting reviews website, all of the topics are focused on the reviews of Webhost4life company. Unluckily Webhost4life was sold out and everything was changed since their owner was changed, I cannot recommend Webhost4life web hosting to web masters any more, and I started to promote the other web hosts who’re worth for me to recommend.

Old Webhost4life Vs. New Webhos4life – Why they’re having so many big differences?

The old Webhost4life is real fantastic, but the new Webhost4life is a disaster, which is absolutely true. Before Webhost4life sold out to EIG, their Alexa rank was between 7,000 to 8,000 position and after one year only, their Alexa rank was decreased to 20,000 position. You can see how many clients they’ve lost after the acquisition.

If you’re not familiar with the old Webhost4life team, here let me bring you a brief introduction. The old Webhost4life had three different branches and their headquarter was located in Los Angeles, USA. They’ve two branches are located at Asia (One is in Hongkong and the other is in China Mainland). You may feel surprise why Webhost4life opened 2 branches in China, since the old Webhost4life senior management team are all from China. The CEO of old Webhost4life – Erwin Yu who was born in Hong kong, so they opened 2 offices in Asia and they had employed many workers from China.

What’re the old Webhost4life team doing at the moment?

After sold Webhost4life to EIG company, Erwin has dismissed most of old Webhost4life workers and only keep several capable senior technicians. Erwin didn’t open a new web hosting company immediately in the USA, since he has made an agreement with EIG hosting company – He cannot open a new web hosting in united states for 3 years, since EIG are afraid Erwin could bring the old Webhost4life clients away.

If you’re an old Webhost4life customer, I believe you’ll memorize with their excellent client support service and you’ll care about whether Erwin will set foot in the web hosting business after 3 years. Ok, I can tell you the answer is absolutely yes. Before Webhost4life was sold to EIG, Erwin spent lots of money to purchase a short domain “Webweb.com”. Obviously, this is a very good domain name which can be remembered easily. If you’ve visited the website, you can find “WebWeb.com” is a Chinese web hosting website, why Erwin opened a web hosting company in China? I think that will be very interest, since most of their workers are from China and they have years of web hosting experience, now “Webweb.com” is already serving more than 20,000 websites, you can imagine how fast growing they are. Now Erwin is preparing everything once their agreement with EIG finished, I think that will be a bomb once Erwin coming back to the United states web hosting market.

Indeed, Erwin only sold the domain name “Webhost4life.com” and their existing clients, their data center and web hosting servers are all still there, so once he determined to come back to the United States, he could have the ability to provide much cheaper web hosting prices than the others. Especially most of their workers are from China and their salary cost will be much lower than the other web hosts.

Why we don’t recommend Webhost4life web hosting service any more?

I had many websites hosted by the old Webhost4life and everything was working perfectly before they sold out to EIG company. EIG is a super rich privately offered financial group, after acquired Webhost4life, their acquisition steps has never been stopped. In recent months, they’ve acquired several world-famous web hosting companies include Bluehost, HostMonster, FastDomain and Netfirms.. Who will be their next acquisition object? I know they’ve provided a very generous quoted price to HostGator web hosting, unluckily, they have been refused by HostGator CEO – Brent Oxley. If HostGator was sold out, I think that’ll be a very bad news to most of the web masters. Now the great web hosts have become less by less after the acquisition of EIG hosting.

I don’t recommend Webhost4life web hosting service, since they don’t know what’s the need of clients, they just understand how to make money from clients pockets. You can find their web hosting prices are very attractive, but after one year, you’ll have to cost much more cash to renew your web hosting account. If you’d like to cancel your web hosting account with EIG, you still have to cost $30 cancellation fee. The worse is their customer support team, almost all of their live chat operators are from India and once you contacted with their support team, you can find they know nothing, even from which website you click the live chat they don’t know. Once you encountered a trouble issue and have to open a ticket, you have to wait more than 48 hours to get one response. I did have such bad experience with those guys and I cannot recommend you choosing the new Webhost4life service any more.

Is there any web hosts who’re worth for me to recommend?

Yes, after I cancelled my account with the new Webhost4life, I moved all of my websites to HostGator and till present, everything is working very fantastic and HostGator customer support team is also very friendly and professional, I’m satisfied with their web hosting service. If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with HostGator, you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save 25% cost immediately.


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Since HostGator is a Linux-based web hosting company, most of the old Webhost4life customers are using Windows web hosting service, if you’re looking for a reliable Windows web hosting provider, here I highly recommend you can check with Arvixe web solutions. Arvixe is definitely the best windows web hosting company in the industry nowadays. Arvixe’s cheapest windows web hosting starts from $5.00 per month and you can use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost immediately. Arvixe windows hosting includes unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth, you’re also able to add multiple websites in their starter windows hosting plan, overall, they can support whatever you need for your ASP.NET websites. Arvixe web solution also includes 99.9% uptime with 60 days long time money back guarantee and furthermore, they can accept the web hosting paid monthly, so you don’t need to feel worry to host your websites with them.


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  1. I ave several websites on 2 separate hosting company’s but now its all the same Netfirms and Webhost4life and now i have problems for all domains at the same time email and so on it sucks
    i had kept it separate for a reason and will have to find new hosting


  2. Hello Gerhard,

    Webhost4life and Netfirms are owned by the same company “EIG” now, if you’re looking for a new reliable web hosting company, here I’d like to recommend the 2 of best web hosts for you to check.

    1. Windows web hosting – Arvixe LLC
    2. Linux web hosting – InMotion hosting

    The 2 web hosting companies are all very good and friendly.

    Thank you,

  3. I have been charged £85.92(Ref. 128881116) from my LLoyds Bank Acc. and i don’t know why ?
    Please e mail me if i had to pay this amount for some reasons.

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