Webhost4life Review: Honest Reviews about Web Host For Life

Webhost4life Review: Honest Reviews about Web Host For Life

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Do you recommend Webhost4life service?

Sorry, we always recommended Webhost4life to the new web developers, web masters and site owners before, but now we don’t recommend their web hosting service any more. Webhost4life had been a very good web hosting company before they were sold out to EIG company, now everything is already different since the company owner was changed.

Is there any other good web hosts you can recommend?

Yes, we’ve reviewed dozens of web hosting companies in the industry, compared to the feedbacks of our site readers and our independent experience, here we’d like to recommend the 2 of best web hosting companies to you.

  • If you’re looking for a reliable Windows hosting service provider, we recommend you may check with Arvixe Inc. and you can use the coupon code “WH4L” to save 30% cost.
  • If you’re looking for a reliable Linux hosting service provider, we recommend you may check with HostGator and you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save 25% Off.

  • Webhost4life – Trusted by over 200,000 Domain Owners.
  • Unlimited web space, Unlimited bandwidth & Data Transfer.
  • 24/7 live chat support, Toll Free Phone and Ticket Email System
  • Multiple unique websites hosted and a free domain name will be included
  • FTP, subdomains, Free MySQL & MsSQL Database, Marketing Credits, SSRS, Crystal Reports.
  • Multiple scripts auto-installer, include WordPress, Blog, Forum, E-commerce, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, etc.
  • ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.5 SP1/2.0, Classic ASP, PHP 5.x, Perl, Python, Free SQL 2008 & 2005 database
  • Webhost4life Promotion: 4.95/mo discounted price
  • Webhost4life Promotion: 9.95/mo discounted price
  • Webhost4life Coupon: N/A
  • **This Web Hosting Review site is currently hosted by WebHost4Life.

Editors’ Review about Webhost4life:

Thank you for arriving our independent web hosting review website! This is an individual review site about Webhost4life web hosting service. This article you must read before opening a new hosting account with them.

Why Webhost4life can become one of the top and fastest growing web hosting company in the market. As you see, there are numerous web hosting companies in the current market, maybe you only know some of the largest hosting providers, such as HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc.. and most of the other hosts you would properly have never heard of before, since some of them are too small or small to only have one server:)

Who’s Webhost4life? Yeah, if you’ve never heard of it before, this is the correct place you’ve visited and we’ll give you a brief introduction about this famous web hosting firm.

Now let’s bring you some most useful information about this company. Currently more and more web developers would like to choose to host their websites with Webhost4life. If you’re interested in this article, welcome to follow us on Twitter.

1. Real fast and Professional customer support service.

Many web hosting companies announced to provide 24/7 client service, but no one can deliver such good as Webhost4life. Why? If you’ve contacted with the other web hosting companies support and definitely you’ll be able to find the differences. Webhost4life’s support are the most diligent and professional than all of the other web hosting companies. You cannot use a word to describe with those guys. Maybe you don’t know most of the web hosting companies are employing the Live Chat support who’re all located in India, such as midPhase, IXWebhosting, EasyCGI.. and so on. As you see, more than 95% web hosting companies employed the Live Support from India and there’s a problem, does the support real understand & familiar with the company policy, is there any barrier between the communications, I’ve tried to contact with their support and the response time make me ‘angry’, but Webhost4life can employ their own Live support. When you contact with their Live Support and compared with other web hosts, you would find the big differences, whatever from the response time or from the knowledge basis, those guys are much better than all of the others. I can bet you’ll love those guys absolutely. This is 100% True!

2. Script Application Upgraded Frequently.

This is not an easy task, why? Most of the web hosting companies can offer the script auto installations, but after you host the website with them, you could the application versions they provide are too old and you’d like to download one application to install with your own. But Webhost4life team are diligent to upgrade the application versions regularly for the customers’ requirements. You can say they can consider every corner of the clients’ need.

3. Always Provide the Newest Technology to Clients.

Not every web hosting company can support such multiple features as Webhost4life? Why, Webhost4life can be the most professional web hosting companies for the windows hosting. THIS IS NOT OVERSTATE! Almost all of the popular website applications can be run & fast on Webhost4life servers. And some of the extra service, such as SQL Reporting 2005 / 2008, Crystal Report Service, SharePoint Service , etc. Webhost4life can meet with the requirements of any customers.

4. Competitive Hosting Prices

How to evaluate a web hosting company? Maybe you’ve checked many reviews from other sites and we think one of the most important factor we’ve to care about is their web hosting price, now let’s start to talk about from the hosting prices.
You may find the price of Webhost4life is amazing cheaper than most of the other ASP.NET hosting companies, especially its Linux hosting service, you can receive as low as $2.99 per month, you’re hard to find same price with other hosts.
If you need an ASP.NET hosting service, it should cost you $9.95 per month, whatever, the windows hosting service is always a bit more expensive than the Linux, but you could receive better offers than other hosts, such as you can receive 5 free MsSQL databases and unlimited bandwidth, most of the hosting companies could give you only 1 free or none free MySQL databases, this is a special offer to the new clients only.

5. Reliable Hosting Server

Now there are so many web hosts who can provide the servers at a very lower price, who’s the best & most reliable? Yes, it’s real hard to select one, but at here we do highly recommend webhost4life as your first web host choice. Why? We’ve been hosted with Webhost4life more than 2 years and till present, we’re super happy and satisfied with its server performance and reliability, so we’ve the confidence to recommend Webhost4life to others.

6. DiscountASP.Net Vs Webhost4life

If you’re looking for a .Net web hosting provider, we believe you always take the 2 companies to compare. DiscountASP.NET or Webhost4life? Now, let’s give you a brief comparison about the 2 famous Windows hosts.

  • SEO optimized: DiscountASP.Net, yeah, you must admit their team has a very good SEO knowledge basis. When you use keyword “ASP.NET Hosting” to search on Google, they can be ranked as No.1 on the Google search result. Yeah, their SEO knowledge is real great. From the knowledge of SEO, DiscountASP is better than Webhost4life. Of course, Webhost4life team also have a good SEO knowledge basis, but that’s not so good as DiscountASP.net
  • Colorful hosting servers: As you see, DiscountASP.Net only offers one single hosting package to clients, it means its hosting service is only suited for personal and small business owner’s requirements. DiscountASP doesn’t offer Linux hosting, VPS and Dedi server hosting services, it could be one of their weakest points and they might lose lots of medium or large-sized business clients. Most of web developers require Linux hosting service, such as WordPress & Joomla CMS applications are running better on Linux servers.
  • Customer support service: Now most of the hosting companies offer live chat service online, but they only offer email ticket supports, which will be not so good in today’s hosting markets. If you encounter any urgent or emergency events, you do need a real-time customer support service. Webhost4life can offer 24 hours live chat and Phone support, which one is better? I think you should have received the answer.

7. Clever Marketing Policy and Talented Management Team

Yeah! Webhost4life offers a very good marketing policy and you can easily become their marketing partners, they can offer a high pay back to their partners. And Webhost4life has a clever marketing management group and a talented CEO manager. You can easily contact their CEO via email “ceo@webhost4life.com”.

Check Several Current Customer Reviews with Webhost4life:

Website URL: http://www.Louannlee.com

I am new in the building a DNN site world! Your 247 Live Chat service is the best I have ever used! They have always been able to help me with every question I have asked them. Recently, I worked with your team to move the new and improved DNN site. It was easy to do! They walked me through every step! We will recommend your services to all our friends!

Jim Buchan
Website URL: http://www.Kaphone.com

I won’t name the big daddy hosting company by name but I’ve hosted DNN sites with them in the past only to hear we don’t trouble shoot or support your apps. Webhost4life redefines what support is or should be. Ailen and many others have helped me move my local site to their servers essentially holding my hand when necessary and taking over completely when they needed to. Not only did they solve the problems but explained to me what and why the did what they did so I don”t make the same mistakes in the future. I cannot recommend these folks highly enough. You can’t go wrong choosing Webhost4life.

Website URL: http://www.MessagingService.com

We moved two web sites to Webhost4life and could not be more satisfied with our choice. Our web sites are obviously mission critical and we were very nervous about the move. Webhost4life has been near perfect. The Helpdesk has been fantastic! And, I am not an easy client, I tend to shoot first and look at the knowledge base later. The Helpdesk has been very patient and responsive. THANK YOU Webhost4life!

Pat Paxson
Website URL: http://www.Patpaxson.co.uk

I moved to the US and forgot to tell you my new email address, credit card and billing address. When I emailed Outlook in panic when you closed down my account, you immediately put it back up again at their request. I have now paid you for 2 years, and updated my contact information.
I only have one question – is there any tidying up that needs to be done because of this lapse of a few days?

Thanks again for your support.
with best wishes,
Pat Paxson

Looking for more information about Webhost4life?

Check this interview with their marketing manager:

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  1. Here’s my experience with webhost4life:

    Attention Webhost4Life,

    On October 20, 2010, I was notified that all my Sharepoint data has been lost. This is all important business data since I started my technology company in 2006. I hold you company liable for this data loss and am outraged that no warning was given before you deleted my website off of the Sharepoint servers. I have submitted numerous tickets over the last few months to get back my data. All these tickets were quietly closed but not resolved.

    I am forced to take legal action against your company to recoup the damages caused by your company’s negligence.

    Please contact me if you are able to recover my business data. In the mean time, please refund my hosting fees paid since 2006. The total refund is $709.12. This is 4 years of service that was billed and paid at $177.28.

    My name is Ryan and I represent the Legal Team at Webhost4life, I am writing to you in regards to the loss of data for your sharepoint server due to the migration. First I would like to take this opportunity and apologize for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Secondly, I wanted to confirm with you that we no longer have access to the Legacy servers, and therefore are unable to provide any backup of any data for you. Lastly, we are unable to provide any compensation due to loss of data. I did notice we have canceled out your “mileskan” account. If you decide to open a new account with us, we would be glad to provide you with 6 months of free hosting due to this inconvenience. Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance regarding this matter. Ryan S.Legal Team

    Sorry for hearing this, I had one website hosted by Webhost4life and my data is also lost, now the new Webhost4life is nothing , but disaster!!!

  2. WebHost4Life tech support are a bunch of keystone cop wanna-be’s for the last 9 days something has happened on the server that hosts my 6 web sites. they keep telliogn me they are loading fine “now” on my staging server hitting the prod WH4L Database the staging server loads in 2 seconds. on the WH4L sire it takes a minute and a half if it loads at all. On the home page there are not even any database calls.

    They are hands down the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I’d rather fight with AT&T..

  3. This is the absolute worst host I’ve ever used. They changed ownership in 2010 and their prices have gone up and the quality WAY DOWN.

    Don’t use this host if you have a business that can’t go offline for days at a time. They have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Use pingdom.com to see if my website server is up or down. It would go down several times a month and sometimes for several hours. Even with that, I would check my server after seeing the site has gone back “UP”, only to find that due to a configuration error,the server was up but the site was still unavailable.

    I canceled my account December 22, 2011 and currently working with Consumer Protection Agencies and the BBB to get my refund as they’ve stated they deleted all my account info upon terminating my account.

    Here is a copy of the message they sent me:

    support@webhost4life-inc.com via yourhostingaccount.com

    Dec 23 (7 days ago)

    to me
    Hello Brandon,

    I am writing this email in response to your inquiry on Support ticket #9097102. Per your request, I have canceled your account ‘bt*****’ on December 23, 2011. As you are aware of that we have upgraded your account ‘bt*****’ to the new servers on December 29, 2009. Also, we have not charged your credit card in our platform towards this account. Hence, there is no refund due on this account.

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available 24×7.


    Sabina Perry
    Billing Specialist

    I guess they were just giving me a free account.. lol


    Here is their address if you want to file a complaint with the BBB or the FTC.

    The Endurance International Group, Inc.
    70 Blanchard Road 3rd Floor
    Burlington, MA 01803

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