PacificHost Coupon: 30% Off PacificHost Coupon Code 2015

PacificHost Coupon: 30% Off PacificHost Coupon Code 2015

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A Brief Introduction of Pacifichost:

Are you looking for the coupon code for Pacifichost web hosting company? If you’re planning to open a new web hosting account with Pacifichost, this is the correct website you’ve visited and here I’d like to deliver the best Pacifichost Coupon code for you to save your cost. If you’re interested in, welcome to follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

Who’s PacificHost?

Pacifichost has be recognized as a top web hosting provider in the industry! PacificHost is a leading provider of website development and e-commerce solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises and they employ some of the best staff members in the country to cater to your needs. Pacifichost focuses on providing quality, feature-rich web and reseller hosting services. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting service provider, then Pacifichost would be definitely one of your best choice. The cheapest web hosting plan of Pacifichost starts from $2.49 per month, this is a very competitive price in the industry.

PacificHost Coupon – 2015:

Pacifichost CouponPricing: 2.49 /Mo
Setup fee: FREE Setup

Pacifichost – Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting!
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth + Unlimited Websites Hosted

Pacifichost Coupon (Aleady the biggest promotion):
This Pacifichost coupon gives 30% OFF hosting discount & 100% Working Promise!

Pacific web hosting is to provide their customers with nothing but the best-quality, most fully featured services at reasonable prices! Best and best web hosting in today’s market!

PacificHost Advantages:

If you’re using “Pacific sucks”, “Pacifichost Complaints”, “Pacifichost Problems”, “Pacifichost Sucks”.. to search on the Google, you can find there are very few complaints about their web hosting service. If you’re looking for a best web hosting, then you should do some research about their complaints first.. Before recommend one web hosting company, I always did the research to make sure this is a good web hosting who’s worth for me to recommend to the visitors. You may have the doubt why Pacifichost has such few complaints and what are their advantages? Okay, here I’d like to list some advantages about Pacifichost web hosting company.

  • Pacifichost provides excellent customer service all for reasonable rates.
  • Their technical service is efficient and on the spot, you don’t need to wait for false promises from this web hosting provider.
  • Whatever you need, they do everything they can in spite of hectic situations.
  • Your online business will be steered to success with the efficient maintenance provided for by Pacifichost.
  • Free website transfer – If you’re moving from the other web hosting company, you just need to open a ticket to ask their technical support to handle all of the transfer, all of the website files and data transfer are totally free.
  • As long as 45 days money back guarantee – If you found Pacifichost was not so good as you imagine, you can get your money back without any reason.

PacificHost Customer Reviews:

These guys are real great! Highly Recommended!
– By Johnson

I just started using pacifichost 2 weeks ago as per a friend’s recommendation and they have been fantastic. They helped me move my files and respond fast. The Vps was set within 2 hours on a Saturday and the whole migration done by Sunday. Excellent knowledge base and phone support.

Highly recommended!

Highly recommend Pacific web hosting!
– By Thomas

I have been using Pacifichost services for more than one year and I have never had any problems with their web hosting service. Skillful 24/7 support team is knowledgeable always willing to help. As to the speed connection, I should say that it is real fast and professional.

Highly recommend them!

PacificHost Uptime:

Since I don’t have a website hosted by Pacifichost web hosting, I’m only able to check their website uptime stats from the 3rd website, I’ve checked the latest stats from “” and I found the newest uptime guarantee of Pacifichost is more than 99.9%, so I think their web hosting performance could be trusted.

Pacifichost Uptime

PacificHost Resources:

Pacifichost Coupon PacificHost Coupon
Get the newest Pacifichost Coupon at!
Pacifichost on Twitter PacificHost on Twitter
PacificHost provides high quality hosting services to social media websites, video sharing start-ups and a host of other developer platforms. You can follow to check their latest company news on Twitter now.
Pacificthost Promo code PacificHost Promo codes
Check the Pacifichost promo codes at!
Pacificthost on Facebook PacificHost on Facebook
You can join Facebook to start connecting with PacificHost!

PacificHost Rating:

  • Reliability 9.5/10
  • Customer Service 9.8/10
  • Disk Space 9.5/10
  • Bandwidth 9.0/10
  • Price 9.0/10
  • Features 10/10
  • Control Panel 9.5/10

The rating is coming from Pacifichost customers feedback and you can see Pacifichost could be a very good web hosting option.

PacificHost Contact:

  • Tel: 1-(800) 491-6590
  • Email:
  • Website:

Address: 9245 Laguna Springs Dr, Suite 200
Elk Grove, CA, 95758, United States of America


Overall, Pacifichost is a very good web hosting option if you’re not sure which web hosting can be trusted. We’ve reviewed numerous web hosting companies in the industry and we do have the confidence to recommend Pacifichost to you. If you don’t want to choose Pacifichost web hosting, you can check the top 10 web hosting on our website.

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