midPhase Review: Is midPhase a reliable web host?

midPhase Review: Is midPhase a reliable web host?

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midphase review

An independent review of midPhase web hosting service:

This review article of midPhase web hosting service based on its web performance, server reliability, technologies, data centers, hosting features, customer services and price value, as well as its reputation among web developers and software programmers worldwide. If you’re not sure whether midPhase is a reliable web host or not, then this is the right page you’ve found on the Internet. After reading this review article, I believe you’ll find out whether the company is worthy of your reliance or not.

How is midPhase web hosting service?

You may ask “is midPhase a good web host for personal users?” To be honest, midPhase is a real fantastic web host in the industry. If you’re not familiar with midPhase, then please allow me to bring you a brief introduction about this world-famous Linux-based web hosting company.

Founded in 2003 by Zak Boca, a co-founder of another famous managed dedicated server provider “SingleHop”, midPhase Inc. is a privately held sector company based in Chicago, Utah, United States. And Zak sold midPhase to UK2.NET Group on Dec, 2007, the whole acquisition was proceeded secretly and the transaction price was not public.

Nowadays, midPhase has become a major brand of UK2.NET Group, and the company offers a wide range of services including web hosting business, domain registration and website designing to customers. The growing speed of midPhase is rapid. As for the latest calculation, there are approximately 2 million domain names and websites are under their management.

Editors’ Review about midPhase:

According to our website readers’ feedbacks and rates, as well as our editors’ independent research on the Internet, midPhase is a 5-star web hosting provider that is worthy of highly recommendation.

midPhase – Superior Web Hosting

Website: http://www.midPhase.com
  • Reputation
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Features
    rating 5.0 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 5.0 of 5
  • Support
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Price
    rating 5.0 of 5
    $4.95/mo, 30% off $6.95/mo regularly

midPhase Review with Hosting Features:

Currently, midPhase is offering many levels of web hosting packages such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, e-commerce hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions to meet the specific customer requirements. midPhase allows users to install multiple free scripts free ly in the hosting control panel, those scripts include WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCarts, Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce and Zen Cart, etc. Almost all of the popular PHP scripts can be installed by default. Of course, you’re also able to install specific web application that needed. You can use FTP to upload your script zip file into your hosting account, and if a database required, you’re also able to create a new database easily in the hosting control panel.

midPhase also offers free website building tools that can be used to create a professional website in a few minutes. Indeed, you don’t need to have any code knowledge base to build a new website with using the site building tools.

midPhase is an affordable web hosting company that is suited for businesses of all sizes. Their cheapest shared web hosting package starts from as low as $4.95 per month featuring unlimited web space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited add-on domain names, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and so on. If you have many websites, then the unlimited add-on domain names can help you save lots of dollars.

midPhase also has a professional and experienced support team that can help you resolve most of the trouble issues in a few minutes. Even for those terrible issues, their support team are always able to help you find a useful resolution in a short time.

midPhase Review with Server Reliability:

midPhase has a 99.9% server uptime and 30 days money back guarantee, you may doubt is the uptime digits correct? You can find almost all of the web hosts said they can offer 99.9% uptime on their servers, but please aware not all of them are worth for your trust. If you were a victim or had bad experiences with your previous web hosting provider, you could feel the server uptime is real important. No one would like to have business with an unreliable web hosting provider, especially for those business websites. One minute downtime could make you lose many potential customers. Is midPhase reliable and can they trust? Honestly speaking, midPhase is a real fantastic and great web hosting with good uptime in the past years. And we do have received many feedbacks about mdiPhase web hosting service, most of their current users are very satisfied with their services. You can check the image right to view their uptime stats in the past 24 months.

midPhasae Review with Hosting Control Panel:

Do you know what kind of control panel is midPhase using please? Before selecting a web hosting provider, it’s important to check what kind of control panel of the web hosting provides. At present, midPhase offers cPanel control panel on all of their Linux web hosting servers. cPanel is proudly to be the leader control panel in the industry and cPanel has a rich online environment powerful features which can help you manage your website more conveniently. cPanel features: User-friendly interface with integrated video tutorials which could help you easily to get start with. Self monitoring with highest reliability, the cPanel is very stable, once it failed, it could restart itself automatically. Anti-virus installed on cPanel which could protect your website files and increase your server security. Fantastic with multiple free scripts can be easily installed with one-click, the free scripts include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Moodle, Gallery.. Fully integrated applications such as a Site Builder & web mail. You can create your MySQL database or backup your website files easily in cPanel control panel.

midPhase User Review:

We did have received many reviews and feedbacks about midPhase web hosting, almost all of these reviews are giving them a very high reputations. Here I’d like to list some of user reviews for you to check.
midPhase has been a Great web hosting so far!
– By Laura Will

midPhase has been a great web hosting so far for me. My websites are generally low-traffic. So, I have no experience with their dedicated servers. But I’ve never had a problem on their shared hosting servers. The price is attractive with great features. There is the occasional downtime. But, it is minimal and has never been a major inconvenience to me. Overall, I think midPhase is a very good web host worth for to give them a 5 stars.
midPhase server is fast and much appreciate with their service!
– By Mike

I was finally resolved my problem with Verizon (routing issue) and I am now able to get to midPhase guys to manage my websites. I’m real pleased and impressed with their server speed and with ease of use. Please disregard prior post when I was frustrated with Verizon. Rating for this host is perfect and if you’re also frustrated with your current web host, then you can give it a try with those guys.

To learn more about midPhase web hosting, visit www.midPhase.com


  1. Midphase is a great company! If you go talk to the sales reps they will give you a great discount on any plan.

  2. The best way to get the MOST out of MindPhase is to call them directly. It gives you the one on one needed when you’re setting up a web hosting account. You will receive the answers immediately along with knowing all current promotions. This is the direct toll free number to use 888-855-3629. Hope this helps.

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