DedicatedNow Review

DedicatedNow Review

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Is DedicatedNOW a Good web hosting?

Looking for a reliable and affordable Dedicated server? If yes, now I’d like to recommend one of the best dedicated hosting provider for you to check – DedicatedNOW and here you can find the latest promotion provided by their company.

If you ask me whether DedicatedNOW is a good dedicated server company, now I can tell you “yes”. Why? Compared from our visitors feedbacks and ratings, almost all of the reviews about DedicatedNow are very good, so I do have the confidence to recommend DedicatedNow to the other web masters.

Who’s DedicatedNOW?

DedicatedNOW is located in Clifton, N.J and started business since 1997. Till present, DedicatedNOW has become one of the largest and most famous Dedicated hosting service company in the industry. DedicateNOW provides managed hosting and complex web hosting solutions such as virtual clustering server, cloud hosting, collocation of your server hardware. DedicatedNOW is a privately owned, multi-million dollar corporation and a leading provider of dedicated web hosting services in both managed and unmanaged configurations.

DedicatedNOW Coupon – 2014:

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DedicatedNow Rating:

DedicatedNOW Review DedicatedNOW – Premium Web Hosting!

Features DedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOW
Support DedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOW
Pricing DedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOW
Reliability DedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOWDedicatedNOW
Server Cost : $99.00/Mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Recommended Web Hosting!

DedicatedNow Features:

DedicatedNOW offers managed server, complex hosting and cloud server, whatever you need for the premium hosting service, you can find DedicatedNOW can be satisfied with your website requirements and here I’d like to list some of the features for you to check.

  • Windows or Linux Platform
  • 500GB SATA
  • Unmetered Monthly Bandwidth
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Free cPanel / WHM
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Full Management
  • Full System Security Lockdown
  • 50GB R1Soft CDP Backup
  • KVM Over IP*
  • SSL VPN*
  • Redundant HSRP
  • DotDefender Web App. Firewall*
  • 24/7 Online Live Help
  • Starts from $99.00/Mo Awards – 2012:

DedicatedNOW Award would like to congratulate DedicatedNow for being selected as a TOP Dedicated Hosting Provider. To be selected for such an honor hosts must provide excellent customer service, reliable web servers, affordable hosting, and they must have a proven track record in the hosting industry. Congratulations to DedicatedNow for achieving these high standards.

DedicatedNow vs The Planet vs SingleHop – Who’ll be the best Dedicated Server?

Choosing a best dedicated server is not an easy task and here I’d like to provide a simple comparison about the 3 most famous dedicated hosting companies – DedicatedNow vs The Planet vs SingleHop and I wish it could help you make a decision to choose a best dedicated server company.

The planet is already the largest dedicated server hosting provider in the world and there are many famous hosting companies include HostGator and midPhase are using their data center at present. Is the Planet better than DedicatedNOW? If only compared from their users, of course, the Planet is having much more clients than DedicatedNOW at present, but here I recommend you can check with DedicatedNOW web hosting first. Why choose DedicatedNOW? As you see, the cheapest DedicatedNOW web hosting starts from $99 per month and you’re still able to use the coupon code I provide to save your dollars and another, the Planet customer response is always a bit slower than the other dedicated server companies, since they’re having much more clients than the others and they have much more tickets need to handle. If you can bare with their slowly ticket response and higher server price, then you can choose the Planet.

And how about SingleHop dedicated server? You may find there are many websites recommended SingleHop dedicated server on the internet, because they offer a generous affiliate commission to their affiliate partners. Honestly speaking, SingleHop is not a good Dedicated server provider. Why? I’ve opened several tickets to their support team and what made me surprised, I’ve to wait for more than 1 month to receive a response. At the beginning, I thought my ticket was dropped, but when I responded back in the ticket, I’ve to wait for another month to receive their reply. With my personal bad experience, I don’t recommend you choosing their dedicated hosting service.

DedicatedNOW User Reviews:

DedicatedNow – Realiable Servers and Networks, Rocks!
– By Mark Pitre from NewYork, USA

I’ve been using DedicatedNow for more than 1 year and now everything is working perfect! My server was up and running quickly. I manage my own servers, but when I needed remote hands, the team was speedy in rebooting and helping out with kernel upgrades. The network has been very stable and their sales team very responsive to my requests.

DedicatedNOW is Definitely the Best Premium Hosting!
– By Khalil (

We have had a few servers located at DedicatedNow for several years. The network speed is amazing and we have not seen any problems or issues. If there is a technical problem, DedicatedNow is only a phone call away

Advice and Recommendation:

You may ask is there any other dedicated server companies who’re better than DedicatedNOW? Honestly speaking, DedicatedNOW is already good enough for those who need affordable and reliable premium hosting service. DedicatedNOW is focused on the premium hosting service only and they understand what their customers’ need, they’re always there to hear your sound and they’re always upgrade their server regularly.

If you don’t want to choose DedicatedNOW web hosting, here I’d like to recommend the other 2 most reliable dedicated hosting providers – InMotion hosting and Arvixe web solutions!

InMotion launched business since 2001 and they can offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server to different levels of clients need. Till present, InMotion is already serving more than 700,000 website owners and their new customers are still increasing in every hour. InMotion is also proudly to be the No.1 Linux hosting compared from our visitors feedbacks and rating scores. If you’re looking for a most reliable premium dedicated hosting, then InMotion hosting is another one of your best choice.

InMotion Hosting

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Arvixe is proudly to be the No.1 web hosting on our top 10 web hosting lists, since Arvixe is the few web hosting company who can receive 100% client satisfaction. Arvixe offers Linux and Windows web hosting, and they offer shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server to different clients need, whatever you need for your website, you can find Arvixe web hosting can be met with your website requirements. Arvixe web hosting includes 99.9% uptime and 60 days long time money back guarantee, furthermore, they can accept monthly billing order and you’re still able to use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost.

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