Best DDoS Protected Hosting Solutions Under $5.00 a Month

Best DDoS Protected Hosting Solutions Under $5.00 a Month

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DDoS Protected

What’s DDoS attack?

DDoS attack refers to “distributed denial-of-service attack”, an attempt to make a web server or network entry unavailable to its end-users. The attackers or perpetrators typically choose those websites which are hosted on high-profile web servers such as finance, schools, payment gateways, tourism, and even may attack root Nameservers. Normally, the DDoS attacks are sent from at least 2 computers by one person or system.

The DDoS attack can generate huge damages to your website and here are several basic types of DDoS attacks:

  • The DDoS attack can consume your server resources such as CPU or RAM usage, website storage and bandwidth.
  • The routing information or networking connection can be disrupted.
  • The state information can be interrupted, e.g., the TCP sessions can be reset without your permission.

How to prevent DDoS attack?

Since the DDoS attack is such a huge menace for our website security, what should we do to prevent the DDoS attack from hurting our websites?

Indeed, it does have many ways to against with the DDoS attack. One of the easiest way is to purchase more bandwidth for your website, however, I believe most of the individuals and small businesses don’t want to pay extra money for purchasing the bandwidth which is out of their budget. If you don’t want to cost the extra money, then you may move to a new web host which has the ability to distribute the enormous bandwidth once the DDoS attacks coming.

Which company is the best web host for DDoS protection?

When you enter “DDoS Protected Hosting” on the search engines, there are hundreds of thousands of web hosts which will be listed below. If you’re a new starter, even an expert, it’s real easy to lose yourself among the sea of web hosting companies. Don’t worry, you’re lucky to find the right place on the Internet and here we’d like to recommend the 2 of best DDoS protected web hosts to you – Arvixe web solutions and A2Hosting.

If you’ve checked the list of our top 10 web hosts, you’ll find Arvixe is awarded as the best web hosting provider on our review website and our editors always highly recommend this hosting company as the first hosting choice to our website visitors. Maybe this is your first time to hear of Arvixe, then let’s bring you a brief introduction about this world-famous DDoS protected hosting company.

Best DDoS Protected Hosting – 2015:

DDoS Protected Hosts Web Hosting Description
Arvixe DDoSArvixe Inc.
1. Arvixe Inc. – An industrial leading provider of DDoS Protected hosting

When your website is attacked by DDoS, most of the small web hosts always choose to close your website or force you to move to a new hosting provider.
But with Arvixe, you can feel no worry with the DDoS attacks any more. All of their web servers have been equipped with the most advanced Anti-DDoS software to help you block any peculiar IP addresses automatically. No matter what kind of the DDoS attacks are, their system engineers and experts are always able to find a useful solution to secure your website.

A2Hosting DDoSA2Hosting
2. A2Hosting – Affordable cloud web hosting for DDoS Protection

A2Hosting is the other most reliable DDoS protected hosting service provider that is worth for us to recommend. All of their web servers are powered by top-notch Cloud Computing networks, so no matter how large the DDoS attack is, the system can intelligentized distribute the bandwidth automatically.

Why we choose Arvixe web solutions as the best DDoS protected hosting?

The reason is real simple, because those guys did have done excellent works by offering superior web hosting services to customers in recent years. Arvixe is a company that always focuses on the server performance, customer service and website safety. All of their web servers have been installed with the newest Anti-DDoS software to against most of the small DDoS attacks, and for the large-sized DDoS attacks, the company does have the capacity to help you distribute the bandwidth with utilizing its advanced network infrastructure.

With Arvixe, you don’t need to cost extra money to install the Anti-DDoS software yourselves and they’ve a team of specialists to help you analyze and find out where the attacks are coming from.

DDoS Protected Hosting Features:

Unlike many other web hosts always charge lots of money from their customers to prevent the DDoS attacks, you don’t need to pay any extra fee with Arvixe web service. Arvixe is a company that always offers hosting features to customers as more as possible, but the charges are as little as possible. Here is a list of noticeable features about their most popular Anti-DDoS shared hosting service.

DDoS Hosting Features

check All web servers have been installed with the newest Anti-DDoS software
check Unlimited disk space / Unlimited monthly bandwidth
check Cutting-edge technology / Rock solid infrastructure
check Every new account includes a free domain name
check Free Cloudflare CDN / SEO Optimized Web Server
check 2 World-class data centers – US and Europe
check 24/7 US-based qualified DDoS Protected hosting support
check 99.9% uptime and 60 days money back guarantee
check Monthly billing is accepted
DDoS Attacks

DDoS Protected Hosting Resources:

Before writing this DDoS protected hosting article, our editors have visited and checked many relevant websites, also have joined many communities and online forum websites to discuss and inquire from many system security engineers and software professionals.

  • Is it possible to prevent DDoS attack? – The DDoS attack is a real headache to our website safety, is there any way to kill the DDoS attack permanently?
  • DDoS Protection Service – Incapsula is a leading cloud-based Anti-DDoS service provider that can secure your website against any sizes of DDoS attacks.


After reading this review article of best DDoS protected hosting, we believe you should have received the answer about which company can be your best hosting choice for Anti-DDoS attacks. Yes, Arvixe is an exceptional partner that is worth for your trust. Their cheapest DDoS protected hosting service starts from as low as $4.00 a month and includes a 60-Day money back guarantee, even accepts monthly billing cycle, so you don’t need to feel worry about using their hosting services.

In the end, if you’re still having difficulty in choosing a right DDoS protected hosting solution, please feel free to contact us anytime as you like and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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