Best Silverlight Web Hosting

Best Silverlight Web Hosting

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A Brief Introduction of Microsoft Silverlight:

Silverlight is an application framework which can be running under Microsoft Windows and Apple OS. Most of the features of Silverlight are similar with Adobe flash player, but they’re belonged to different companies – Silverlight is exploited by Microsoft and Flash is developed by Adobe Corporation.

Silverlight can be worked with all of web browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Safari, etc. Silverlight has a very powerful features, it allows you to view media applications directly in your web browsers in a streamed setting that means you can watch movies or listen to music in a real-time. Silverlight is very flexible and it can be integrated with other web applications too.

The first version of Silverlight was released in 2007 and the latest version of Silverlight (5.0) which was released on May 2012. When Microsoft released its first version of Silverlight, the online media market was immensely shocked, especially their main competitor Adobe.

There are 5 formal versions of Silverlight have been released and the Silverlight 6.0 is still in beta test. What’re the new features in Silverlight 5.0? Here we’d like to bring you a brief introduction about the new features in Silverlight 5.0 as below.

Silverlight 5.0 New features:

  • New controls – Silverlight 5.0 offers new features in control such as it provides PivotViewer for .Net developers that can handle and deploy large amounts of data at a given instance.
  • Improvements in TextSearch – A new attached property called “TextPath” is provided in Silverlight 5.0 that allows you to set against any property of source collection.
  • An improvement in DialogBox – As you see, Silverlight framework allows us to create a file and save it on our local computer, and we also can open those files from local folders. In Silverlight 5.0, a new property named “InitialDictionary” will be added into “DialogBox” that you can use it to specify a default path.
  • Multiple changes in Text control – Silverlight 5.0 provides a new calculation in the character spacing and the basic distance between characters are calculated based on 1000th. Foe example, if the default font size is 12 pixels, and the character spacing is set to 30 pixels, the distance between 2 characters will be (12*30/1000=0.36 pixels).
  • Performance – One of the most important and laudable features in Silverlight 5.0 is the performance will get a vast improvement. The new Silverlight 5.0 application can support on 64 bit web browsers that is a big boost to consume large amount of data and a significant improvement has been made while booting applications, which can take less time to start-up Silverlight locally.
  • Multiple controls with source code – In Silverlight 5.0, it comes with fully flexible and customizable out-of-the-box controls such as charting, auto complete, and more.
  • Deep Linking – Silverlight 5.0 enables a deep linking function which you can bookmark a page within your rich internet application.
  • SEO Enhanced – Silverlight 5.0 optimizes your Silverlight application with your whole page which is more SEO friendly.

It does have lots of new features have been added in new Silverlight 5.0 and if you’d like to check more features, you can visit Microsoft’s homepage and you’ll find a complete list of its new features under the tab “Silverlight”.

Best Silverlight Hosting – 2015

Silverlight Hosting - Arvixe.comrating 5.0
1. Arvixe Inc. – 30% off Silverlight hosting coupon “WH4L

Arvixe is awarded as the first choice for Silverlight hosting on our review site. The award was come from our editors’ independent review and our site visitor’s comments and rates. Arvixe web solution is a leading Windows web hosting service provider and the company can support multiple different servers to customers, such as they can support Windows server 2012/2008/2003, and also can support Linux Apache operating system. Arvixe cheapest Silverlight hosting plan starts with $5.00 per month, if you’ve used the coupon code we provide, it just needs to cost $3.50 per month to subscribe their hosting service. In each Silverlight hosting account, you can have 1 free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited MsSQL databases (Read review).

Winhost Silverlight Hostingrating 4.0
2. Winhost – Affordable Silverlight Hosting Solution

Winhost is the other most reliable Silverlight Hosting company in the industry! Winhost silverlight hosting starts from $4.95 per month and you can receive plenty of disk space and bandwidth to run a Silverlight website. Winhost is the same owner with another famous Windows hosting company DiscountASP.NET, but they do have many differences on their hosting features. All of hosting packages with Winhost are having 99.9% uptime 30 days money back guarantee (Read review).

DiscountASP.NET Silverlight Hostingrating 4.0
3. DiscountASP.NET – $5.00/month Award Winning Silverlight Hosting Provider

Deploy your Silverlight powered application with DiscountASP.NET, the global leader in ASP.NET hosting. DiscountASP.NET supports Silverlight 4.0 along with the Silverlight control toolkit, ASP.NET 4/3.5 SP1, MVC 3, SQL 2008 R2 Available, SQL 2005 & MySQL with FREE SQL Management Tools & More! They offer Silverlight Hosting at both locations – USA and Europe (London, UK). Sign up today and get $5.00/month Silverlight Hosting with NO SETUP FEES from DiscountASP.NET (Read review).

How to install Silverlight on your computer?

If you’d like to view Silverlight applications on any web server on the planet, just go ahead to install the Silverlight plugin on your local computer. The Silverlight is a free plugin which can be installed on any Windows/Mac private computers. If you visit a website that needs Silverlight to view videos or listen musics, just move your mouse to that applications and click to install the plugin. If you haven’t install the plugin on your computer, the website would prompt a warm to ask you to do so.

Indeed, there are no special requirements to view a Silverlight application on any kinds of website except that you install the plugin. It means any computer on the internet can view websites which are utilizing with Silverlight framework.

Silverlight Hosting Requirements:

To host a Silverlight application is very simple, there’s no real server requirements, any Windows/Linux web servers can run Silverlight sites, but we highly recommend you may choose a Windows hosting provider to serve a Silverlight site.

To run a Silverlight website always generates much bandwidth and consumes much server resources, so if you’re planning to run a professional Silverlight site, here we recommend you may choose a VPS or dedicated server, which you can receive enough disk space and bandwidth, also better server performance.


Many of our editors had been worked as technicians for several web hosting companies and with our experience, Arvixe web solution is a real good hosting company to serve a Silverlight application website. You may have found our reviews and view points are having many differences compared to other review sites, since we understand and real care about what’re the needs of a web developer, site designer and programmers.

In the end, to choose a web host for Silverlight is real easy, but to choose a best one is not that easy, since there are many factors you’ve to consider, such as server reliability, performance, hosting prices, features, customer support, company’s reputation and more. We’ve reviewed hundreds of different web hosts in the industry and finally we found Arvixe is doing better than other hosting companies in every aspects. If you’ve any doubts or further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, we’ll reply you back as soon as possible.

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