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An independent review of best ASP.NET MVC hosting:

If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting for ASP.NET MVC framework, then this is just the right page you’ve found on the Internet. Here I’d like to recommend several of best Windows hosts that can fully support .Net MVC framework for you to compare. If you like this article, welcome to subscribe our review website to receive email notification when a new article published.

Which company can be the most ideal choice for ASP.NET MVC?

After reviewed 50+ famous Windows hosts worldwide, Arvixe web service is proudly to be ranked as the winner of best ASP.NET web hosting solution relies on its superior web hosting services, lightning website loading speed, high quality web performance, rock solid hardware & facilities, cutting-edge industrial technologies, responsive customer services and irresistible lowing hosting prices. To choose a reliable .Net web host for MVC framework is not that easy, because there are thousands of different web hosts in the industry. If you’re a freshman to find the web hosting solutions yourself, it’s real easy to drop into a hassle.

Unlike many other review websites just want to earn cash from their affiliate links, we do have a very strict level to define a web host is available for recommending or not. And we did have spent much money to open test accounts with those web hosts to test their web hosting services personally. Many aspects such as web performance, server reliability, plan features, customer services and hosting prices, as well as the company reputation are all included to check whether it’s worth recommending or not. Before writing this review article of best ASP.NET MVC hosting service, we’ve spent much time on the Internet to search and collect the relevant information from many online communities and forum websites such as Webhostingtalk, StackOverFlow, ServerFault, etc. So you can full trust with our honest recommendations about the best ASP.NET MVC hosting solutions.

Best ASP.NET MVC Hosting Overall – Arvixe Inc. #1

To choose a reliable Windows web host, Arvixe is a provider that cannot be ignored, because those guys have been focused on providing superior ASP.NET web hosting services over 13 years. Arvixe is also an award-winning company and is a golden partner of ASP.NET hosting solutions recognized by Microsoft Corporation. In 2012, Inc. Magazine awarded Arvixe web solutions as 157th fastest growing private sector company in the United States with a 3-year growth period of 2154%.

At present, Arvixe is offering 2 tiers of Windows shared hosting plans to consumers, and its most popular Windows basic shared hosting package starts from as low as $5.00 a month. There is a good news for all new customers – Arvixe is offering a special promotion to all new customers right now. If you’ve used the coupon code we provide to subscribe their hosting services, you’ll be able to get a 30% discount instantly.

To learn more about Arvixe MVC hosting features, visit
Best ASP.NET MVC Hosting – DiscountASP.NET #2

DiscountASP.NET is the other most reliable Windows web host that is highly recommended by our editors. DiscountASP.NET offers a single but powerful Windows shared hosting plan to customers featuring 2000 MB web space, 80GB monthly data transfer, 1 free Mssql 2008 database, 1 free Mysql database, etc. DiscountASP.NET is also a golden hosting solution partner of Microsoft Corporation and the company is always the first provider to launch the latest Windows hosting technologies in the industry. DiscountASP.NET has won numerous hosting awards from many third part of review sites and many authoritative magazines. The regular hosting price of DiscountASP.NET is $10.00/month. However, if you open a new DiscountASP.NET account through our website, you just need to cost as low as $5.00/mo. Please note this is a special promotion offered to our website (WH4LR) readers only.

Best ASP.NET MVC Hosting – Winhost #3

Winhost is another world-famous Windows-based web hosting service provider. At present, Winhost is having 3 levels of Windows shared web hosting packages and its cheapest and most popular Windows shared hosting plan starts from as low as $4.95/mo featuring 2000 MB disk space, 50 GB monthly bandwidth, 1 free MsSQL/MySQL database, 100 free email accounts, .Net script auto-installer, free site builder, SQL Reporting, Crystal Reports, full trust web.config, etc. Winhost is also an ideal web hosting choice for many popular .Net applications such as nopCommerce, DNN, Kentico, Orchard, WebMatrix and Umbraco. No matter what you need for running a fast and stable .Net website, Winhost is a company that always can meet with your requirements. If you’d like to check more information about this professional ASP.NET hosting company, just feel free to visit its homepage here.


ASP.NET MVC is a free and fully supported Microsoft framework that can be used for building web applications in a model-view-controller pattern.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC Framework makes it easy to utilize the Model, View, Controller pattern in your web applications.

ASP.NET MVC enables web developers to build web solutions that are easy to maintain because it decreases the dependency between layers by using the Model-View-Controller(MVC) pattern and provides complete control over the page markup.

ASP.NET MVC enables you to build Model View Controller(MVC) applications by using the ASP.NET framework.

ASP.NET MVC is an alternative application, not a replacement, for ASP.NET Web Forms that offers the following benefits:

  • Clear separation of concerns
  • Test Ability – support for Test-Driven Development
  • Fine-grained control over HTML and JavaScript
  • Intuitive URLs
  • Complexity management by dividing responsibility among the Model, the View, and the Controller
  • Easy integration of Test-Driven Development
  • Large team development

Best ASP.NET MVC Hosting – 2015

Arvixe ASP.NET MVCrating 5
1. Arvixe Inc. – 30% Off ASP.NET MVC Hosting Coupon “WH4L

Arvixe is a leading Windows hosting company who’s 100% compatible with ASP.NET MVC framework. Arvixe is reliable and affordable, their cheapest ASP.NET MVC hosting plan starts from $5.00 per month and you can use the coupon code we provide to save upto 30% discount when checkout. Arvixe also has a team of years of experienced customer support team who’re able to help you resolve trouble issues in the shortest time. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, exceptional and professional, definitely your best partners for your business. Arvixe always update their server at a regular period to catch up with newest technologies, so you don’t need to worry about your server could become “old” in the future. 99.9% uptime promise and 60 days money back guarantee (Read review).

DiscountASP.NET MVCrating 4.5
2. DiscountASP.NET – $5.00/month Award-Winning ASP.NET MVC Hosting Provider

DiscountASP.NET is leading Windows 2008 hosting service provider in the industry – Your 1st choice for ASP.NET MVC Hosting! Get powerful ASP.NET MVC 4.0 Hosting from DiscountASP.NET, the Global Leader in ASP.NET Web Hosting, hosting sites on both Windows 2008/IIS7 and Windows 2003/IIS6 servers in Full Trust Mode with .NET 4/ 3.5 SP1, AJAX 3.5, Silverlight 4, SQL 2008 R2 Available, SQL 2005 & MySQL with FREE SQL Management Tools & More! They offer ASP.NET MVC Hosting at both locations – USA and Europe (London, UK). Sign up today and get $5.00/month MVC Hosting with NO SETUP FEES from DiscountASP.NET. Read Review

Winhost ASP.NET MVCrating 4.5
3. Winhost – Affordable ASP.NET MVC Hosting Solution

Winhost is another most reliable and affordable ASP.NET MVC hosting firm. The normal ASP.NET MVC hosting price of Winhost company is $7.95/Mo, but if you sign up new account via our website, you just need to spend $4.95 per month to subscribe their web hosting service. Winhost offers 3 shared hosting plans to web developers, their cheapest shared hosting plan includes 2000MB disk space and 50GB monthly bandwidth and you can add unlimited domains and websites in 1 hosting account. All of versions can be supported by Winhost also includes the newest ASP.NET MVC 5.0 framework. You can have 1 free Mssql database and if you need additional database, a fee will be incurred. Winhost operates 2 world-class data centers, one is located at United States and the other is located at London. 24/7 professional ASP.NET MVC customer support and 30 days money back guarantee (Read review).

midPhase ASP.NET MVCrating 4.0
4. midPhase – Featured ASP.NET MVC Hosting

midPhase is the 4th choice of ASP.NET MVC hosting service recommended by our editors. midPhase is a famous web host that is owned by UK2.NET. The company started business since early 2002 and over 11 years fast growing, it’s already serving over 1.4 million websites world-wide. All of .Net versions can be supported by midPhase and they also provide Linux hosting solutions. midPhase cheapest hosting for MVC framework starts from $4.95 per month and it allows you to create unlimited websites with unlimited Mssql databases, you also can receive a free domain name, a free site builder and hundreds of attractive templates which you can use it total freely. 24/7 live chat, toll-free phone & ticket support, 99.9% Uptime & 30 days money back guarantee (Read Reviews).

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ASP.NET MVC Features:

  • Extensible and Pluggable – Allow to plug-in your own view engine, routing policy, parameter serialization. It also support existing dependency injection and IOC container models
  • Separation of Concerns, Testability & TDD – All core contracts within the MVC framework are interface based and easily mockable. unit test the application without having to run the Controllers within an ASP.NET process
  • Supports using the existing ASP.NET .ASPX, .ASCX – Allow users easily use existing ASP.NET features like nested master pages, declarative server controls, templates, data-binding and many more
  • Powerful URL Mapping – MVC enables you to build applications with clean URLs to support search engine optimization.

A benefit of the MVC methodology is that it helps to create a clean separation between the different components and in turn makes testing much easier. Another benefit is that it’s highly extensible as everything is designed to be easily replaced or customized. It also includes a very powerful URL mapping component that makes generating friendly URLs easy. Lastly, the ASP.NET MVC Framework fully supports the existing ASP.NET features like forms authentication, memberships and roles, output and data caching, state management, health monitoring, etc.

ASP.NET MVC Hosting Features: mvc hosting compatible MVC .Net Framework Hosting Compatible
silverlight 5.0 compatible Silverlight 5.0 Hosting Compatible
Ajax ASP.NET AJAX Hosting
Ajax 3.5 ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 Hosting
atlas Formerly Atlas Hosting
linq LINQ
windows 2008 hosting Windows 2008 Hosting Platform
iis7 IIS7 Hosting 4.0 ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.5 SP1/2.0 Hosting dynamic data ASP.NET Dynamic Data routing engine ASP.NET Routing Engine data services ADO.NET Data Services entity framework ADO.NET Entity Framework
microsoft charting controls compatible Microsoft Chart Controls Compatible
asp .net framework 3.0 hosting .NET Framework 3.0 Hosting
.net mvc hosting with windows communication foundation, windows presentation foundation, windows workflow foundation, cardspace WCF, WPF, WF, Cardspace
asp .net framework 2.0 .NET Framework 2.0 Hosting
Real-Time ASP.NET Version Real-Time ASP.NET Version Chooser mvc hosting with free components FREE ASP/.NET Components mvc websites in its own isolated app pool Each Website hosted in its Own Isolated Application Pool powered control panel FREE ASP.NET Powered Control Panel
SQL 2008 SQL 2008 Databases
sql 2005 SQL 2005 Databases
sql 2008 Reporting Services Add-on: SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 Hosting
sql 2005 Reporting Services Add-on: SQL 2005 Reporting Services Hosting crystal reports web hosting ASP.NET Crystal Reports Hosting mvc hosting on dell poweredge servers 100% of Dell Poweredge Servers
.net mvc hosting with instant account activation Instant Account Activation
.net mvc hosting with 60 day money back guarantee 60 Days Money Back Guarantee!!!
Check more information about ASP.NET MVC Hosting features, visit

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Here we’d like to collect the top 10 websites that’re using ASP.NET MVC framework application.
best silverlight web hosting Silverlight 5.0 Hosting
Arvixe Windows hosting platform is fully compatible with Silverlight 5.0 and all of its previous versions. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable Silverlight hosting service provider, here we do recommend you may check with Arvixe web solutions first. What’re the new features in Silverlight 5.0? Ajax has been enabled and enhanced in Silverlight 5.0 which can enable your site to take full advantages of modern browser capabilities. AJAX will work across IE 7.0 and above, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari with no modifications.

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